Unlock Employee Email as an Owned Marketing Channel

Every employee email sent should close with a branded email signature and drive real marketing ROI. See how Sigstr unlocks this owned channel by providing simple, central control over your company's email signatures.

Smart Marketing through Email Signatures

Simple management for employee email signatures. Ensure a consistently branded Email Signature for employees and unlock a powerful marketing channel via Sigstr Campaign banners.

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Create uniform email signatures for your entire organization.

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Promote relevant news, events, and marketing content in every email sent.

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Build your Sigstr, add employees, and launch. It really is that easy to launch and update!

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Measure displays and clicks for a campaign or by each employee.

Sigstr drove far more visits to the landing page than any other marketing activity.

Lesley Spellmeyer, Sr. Marketing Manager, Angie’s List

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Watch Opportunity Multiply

An average employee sends over 10,000 emails annually. Each of those emails will be viewed, on average, 2.5 times. Those views represent a tremendous opportunity for driving brand awareness and engagements.

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Your organization of 100 employees will send 1,022,000 emails this year! Those emails will be viewed 2,555,000 times. At an average click rate of .5%, those views represent approximately 12,775 new brand engagements and opportunities to convert.

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