Turn Every Employee Email Into a Marketing Campaign

Every business in the world runs an employee email system. Drive real marketing ROI via the email signature.

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Intelligent ABM targeting
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"Sigstr turns employee email signatures into a powerful marketing channel for us. It's super easy to use and drives results from day one. It's easy to segment your campaigns and target different audiences. We recently upgraded to the pro plan and I'm really excited about the added ABM functionality and other useful features. It's an absolute no-brainer."

- Egan M.

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    Every email your employees send is a marketing campaign.

    Sigstr amplifies the value of every one of those emails by giving you centralized control over the email signature and the ability to include dynamic call-to-action banners in them.

    The world's best marketers are using Sigstr to do amazing things.

    Imagine what kind of campaigns you can run once Sigstr turns every employee at your company into a brilliant marketer who drives real ROI.

    You can do amazing things with Sigstr too.

    Sigstr turns employee email into an entirely new marketing channel. Find out how Sigstr works by watching the video, or request a demo personalized just for your company.

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    The Science of Email Signatures

    Using the latest in artifical intelligence and eye-tracking software, we measured how recipients engage with boring emails compared to Sigstr-powered emails. The results are pretty astonishing. (Spoiler alert: Sigstr takes email engagement off the charts.)

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    Every device.

    Every platform.

    Every single email.

    Sigstr works on every email system and integrates with the leading CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

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    Email Services

    Sales and Marketing Tools

    And dozens more…

    That feeling when every email your employees send is another datapoint for marketing...

    Sigstr allows you to connect the millions of emails your employees send to your marketing automation platform. From lead capture and lead scoring to hyper-intelligent ABM campaigns, Sigstr massively amplifies your investment in marketing automation.

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    ABM and Then Some

    Whether you want to import lists directly into Sigstr or connect to the smart and static lists in your other platforms, Sigstr gives you simple and reliable targeting to deliver the right content to the right audience every time.

    Account Targeting

    1:1 Targeting

    Internal Targeting

    Customer Targeting

    You and your


    are missing out on

    potential impressions

    The ROI behind Email Signature Marketing

    An average employee sends over 10,000 emails annually. Those emails reach a hand-selected audience of your key stakeholders. Those 10k impressions represent an untapped opportunity for brand awareness and ROI.

    Play It Safe

    Email is your company's lifeblood. Rest assured that Sigstr has tighter security and better stability than any other solution on the market. We know because, just like you, we only work with the best.

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