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"Your Most Overlooked Ad Channel."

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Turn all the emails your employees send into millions of targeted ads.


Sigstr cuts through the noise and outperforms display advertising.


Ads based on email addresses means 100% targeting accuracy.


Account insights and buying intent data fuel your pipeline.

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The First Rule of Marketing: Go Where Your Audience is Engaged

The average person spends about 6.3 hours in their inbox a day. Sigstr gives marketers the ability to target professionals with relevant ads where they’re spending the majority of their time.

Understand the Trend

Buyer Intent Data

By analyzing email and calendar data, Sigstr quantifies the relationships of your opportunities to deliver meaningful buying intent signals.

Relationships Matter

Every Step of Your Customer's Journey

With stage-based targeting built right into our app, it’s easy for marketers to serve the most relevant content to your most important contacts, no matter where they are on the customer journey.

Optimize Your ABM

Email + Sigstr = A Marketer’s Biggest Megaphone

Run hundreds of simultaneous campaigns to intelligently target your audience by industry, geography, opportunity stage, or any other segment you want.

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Lab Tested Engagement

Traditional display advertising has a tough time competing for attention. Eye-tracking research proves that your display ads get full engagement, every time. Combined with sophisticated targeting, you’ve got an ad channel with off-the-charts click-throughs and conversions.

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Integrated Into Every Part of Your Tech Stack

Sigstr is integrated with leading CRMS, MAPs, and just about every other piece of sales and marketing tech you use.

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Revenue Analytics

Sigstr allows marketers to prove ROI by showing them the revenue generated, influenced, and closed through interactions with Sigstr campaigns.

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Safe and Secure

Fortune 500 companies trust Sigstr to power their email signature strategy. Our combination of enterprise-grade functionality, along with our commitment to GDPR and SOC2 compliance, puts us in a league of our own.

We've Got You Covered

Top Companies Everywhere Trust Sigstr

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