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What is Email Signature Marketing?


Dan Hanrahan

We're glad you asked! It's time to turn every email your employees send into a targeted marketing campaign. Watch the video overview below to learn more.

ESM for Account-Based Marketing

Because Sigstr recognizes the sender and recipient of each email sent by your team, you can place personalized and dynamic email signatures banners in front of your most important accounts.

Promote Events with Email Signature Marketing

Event marketers everywhere are using Sigstr to increase registrations and attendance with field events, trades hows, webinars, and more. Use every email sent by your employees as an opportunity to drive registrations. More resources related to event marketers can be found here.

Support Sales

Align email signature marketing campaigns to every step of your buyer's journey. Control the content you want to promote in each and every email your sales team sends to your most important prospects and customers.

Internal Communications

Employee engagement is important with every organization, big or small. When you email a coworker, the email signature banner will dynamically update to an internal-specific message! Teams today are using this targeting functionality for open enrollment, company announcements, upcoming team meetings, or even philanthropy initiatives.

Sigstr is Here as a Resource for You

We're here to help you get started with email signature marketing. Check out any of the resource below for a source of inspiration or perfect starting point for your strategy.

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