If Game of Thrones Characters Had Email Signatures

Bailey Roberts

Bailey Roberts

July 4th softened the blow of what could have been the worst Monday of the summer. If you are like us, your Monday mornings for the past 10 weeks have become a sort of ritual. You walk in with a sense of determination, with your venti double-shot Monday coffee in hand, and exchange pleasantries with your colleagues. “Good Morning.” “How was your weekend?” “How was the wedding?” Then finally, the moment you have been waiting for: someone asks you what you thought of last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. The flood gates have opened.

You may have woken up this morning dreading the despair that lies ahead as you embark on your first Game-of-Thrones-less Monday (Tuesday, thanks to the Fourth of July!) in months. It’s okay - we are here for you. We certainly do not have a cure, but we do have a little something to ease the pain.

email signature design layout from SigstrHere at Sigstr, we break down an email signature design into two components: Signatures & Campaigns (as you can see to the right). We have a nerdy passion for email signatures and creatively using them as a new digital marketing channel. We also have a nerdy passion for Game of Thrones - so we decided to put together an email signature design for our five favorite (and least favorite) characters from season six.



We had to honor Hodor, the most genuine and sincerely sweet character we have yet to meet in all the seasons of GoT. This season brought a devastating end to this gentle giant. The revelation that Hodor’s nomicker, and token phrase, originated from Bran’s travel through time and the desperate plea to “Hold the Door” made for the most devastating and painful death. Hodor’s Sigstr signature, we believe, is exactly as he would have made it.

Sigstr mail signature design Hodor

Ramsay Bolton

In a very stark contrasting character review from the former, we hated Ramsay Bolton. Who didn’t? The horribly deranged and sadistic Bolton is a death that we have long been not only imagining but wishing for. Never before have we been so enraged by a character, all kudos to the extraordinary acting of Iwan Rheon (can we put in a bid for his Emmy Award now?) Ramsay made the list because we cannot possibly be happier that he’s dead and gone. Ramsay’s overwhelming obsession with his hounds, and the cataclysmic hunting trips they embark on, makes his death all the more epic. As Leslie Jones says in this hysterical video, “we are rewarded here in Game of Thrones.” Sansa deservingly deals the final blow. It’s the season of girl power, and the Sansa-smirk-walk-away at the end of “The Battle of The Bastards” had me leaping off my couch to give her a hard-earned round of applause. Ramsay has boring fonts in his email signature design because that’s all he deserves.

Sigstr email signature design Ramsay

Daenerys Targaryen

This has been a tumultuous season for our favorite, and longest title-bearing, power queen. Khaleesi has formed a special bond with Drogon, the eldest and largest of her three, winged offspring. She had a very frightening bout with the Masters of Meereen and their vigilantes, the Dothraki and her own freed people. In spite of this all, Khaleesi has formed a crucial bond in this season. While she has had extraordinary success as a conqueror, her ruling skills are lackluster. In comes Tyrion Lannister, the wickedly smart and calculative man that has brought control to chaos. At the end of the season, Tyrion is appointed as Daenerys’ right hand. With his wisdom of all things Westeros, we expect some pretty big things for the Queen of Meereen in season 7. Khaleesi reigns supreme and ends this season looking like a total bada-- leading a fleet of a thousand ships, with three nearly fully grown dragons, in towe.

Sigstr email signature design Daenerys

Arya Stark

Arya earned this spot only after her rousing performance in which she confronts Jaqen H’ghar, the horribly annoying long locked man from the House of Black and White. When Jaqen tries to imply she has finally become No One, she claps back with “a girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.” YES. FINALLY. Arya has had certainly the worst and most roundabout journey back to Winterfell. She has proven herself time and time again that she has become a masterful swordsman and a fearless fighter. Her long overdue revenge of the Red Wedding solidified her spot in our top 5. Arya makes fighting like a girl cool, which is why it was almost too easy to craft her email signature design.

Sigstr email signature design Arya

Jon Snow

We could not make this list and not include arguably the biggest comeback kid in GoT history (rivaled only by the Hound and possibly his blue-headed half-dead brother, the Mountain). Jon had a heck of a season. He started off dead, murdered by his own men. By this point, nearly all of his family has been murdered. His first love is killed in front of his eyes. He nearly dies at least a dozen times at The Battle of The Bastards. He has believed himself to be an unloved bastard son to a murdered king. Through all this, Jon has come back swinging. He literally came back to life. He served as Lord Commander. He gained the unwavering affection and loyalty of the wildlings (most notably the giant and the guy with the red beard). Most importantly: Little Lady Lyanna Mormont gives a rousing speech in front of a full room of lords and leaders in which she declares Jon as the rightful and deserving King of the North. Jon Snow got the email signature design fit for a king - he earned it.

Sigstr email signature design Jon Snow

We hope this post, in conjunction with the holiday weekend, softened the blow of your inaugural Game-of-Thrones-free week.

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