If Game of Thrones Characters Had Email Signatures

Bailey Roberts

Bailey Roberts

Here at Sigstr, we break down an email signature design into two components: Signatures & Campaigns. We have a nerdy passion for email signatures and creatively using them as a new digital marketing channel. We also have a nerdy passion for Game of Thrones - so we decided to put together an email signature design for our five favorite (and least favorite) characters from season six.



We had to honor Hodor, the most genuine and sincerely sweet character we have yet to meet in all the seasons of GoT. This season brought a devastating end to this gentle giant. The revelation that Hodor’s nomicker, and token phrase, originated from Bran’s travel through time and the desperate plea to “Hold the Door” made for the most devastating and painful death. Hodor’s Sigstr signature, we believe, is exactly as he would have made it.

Sigstr mail signature design Hodor

Ramsay Bolton

In a very stark contrasting character review from the former, we hated Ramsay Bolton. Who didn’t? The horribly deranged and sadistic Bolton is a death that we have long been not only imagining but wishing for. Never before have we been so enraged by a character, all kudos to the extraordinary acting of Iwan Rheon (can we put in a bid for his Emmy Award now?) Ramsay made the list because we cannot possibly be happier that he’s dead and gone. Ramsay’s overwhelming obsession with his hounds, and the cataclysmic hunting trips they embark on, makes his death all the more epic. As Leslie Jones says in this hysterical video, “we are rewarded here in Game of Thrones.” Sansa deservingly deals the final blow. It’s the season of girl power, and the Sansa-smirk-walk-away at the end of “The Battle of The Bastards” had me leaping off my couch to give her a hard-earned round of applause. Ramsay has boring fonts in his email signature design because that’s all he deserves.

Sigstr email signature design Ramsay

Daenerys Targaryen

This has been a tumultuous season for our favorite, and longest title-bearing, power queen. Khaleesi has formed a special bond with Drogon, the eldest and largest of her three, winged offspring. She had a very frightening bout with the Masters of Meereen and their vigilantes, the Dothraki and her own freed people. In spite of this all, Khaleesi has formed a crucial bond in this season. While she has had extraordinary success as a conqueror, her ruling skills are lackluster. In comes Tyrion Lannister, the wickedly smart and calculative man that has brought control to chaos. At the end of the season, Tyrion is appointed as Daenerys’ right hand. With his wisdom of all things Westeros, we expect some pretty big things for the Queen of Meereen in season 7. Khaleesi reigns supreme and ends this season looking like a total bada-- leading a fleet of a thousand ships, with three nearly fully grown dragons, in towe.

Sigstr email signature design Daenerys

Arya Stark

Arya earned this spot only after her rousing performance in which she confronts Jaqen H’ghar, the horribly annoying long locked man from the House of Black and White. When Jaqen tries to imply she has finally become No One, she claps back with “a girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.” YES. FINALLY. Arya has had certainly the worst and most roundabout journey back to Winterfell. She has proven herself time and time again that she has become a masterful swordsman and a fearless fighter. Her long overdue revenge of the Red Wedding solidified her spot in our top 5. Arya makes fighting like a girl cool, which is why it was almost too easy to craft her email signature design.

Sigstr email signature design Arya

Jon Snow

We could not make this list and not include arguably the biggest comeback kid in GoT history (rivaled only by the Hound and possibly his blue-headed half-dead brother, the Mountain). Jon had a heck of a season. He started off dead, murdered by his own men. By this point, nearly all of his family has been murdered. His first love is killed in front of his eyes. He nearly dies at least a dozen times at The Battle of The Bastards. He has believed himself to be an unloved bastard son to a murdered king. Through all this, Jon has come back swinging. He literally came back to life. He served as Lord Commander. He gained the unwavering affection and loyalty of the wildlings (most notably the giant and the guy with the red beard). Most importantly: Little Lady Lyanna Mormont gives a rousing speech in front of a full room of lords and leaders in which she declares Jon as the rightful and deserving King of the North. Jon Snow got the email signature design fit for a king - he earned it.

Sigstr email signature design Jon Snow

Cersei Lannister

We all join together in this wishy-washy state of loving or loathing the newly appointed HBIC (if you don’t understand the acronym, here’s some help from Urban Dictionary). She is both simultaneously the worst and best character in the series. Aside from being a total weirdo and being in love with her brother, Cersei has been consistently in a state of complete and utter lack of giving any cares in the world which makes her a freaking awesome leader of the new girl power movement happening in the series.

The only three things that kept her human and frankly, humane, were her children. The woman once said “the more people you love, the weaker you are.” Foreshadowing? Now that they’re all gone, we expect some pretty seriously powerful, badass acts of revenge by part of Queen Cersei.

She’s already off to a killer (pun intended) started with the nun that led the march in her Shame walk and the Sparrow and Margaery Tyrell, who burned along with about 100 other visitors of the Great Sept of Baelor deemed “collateral damage” by the Queen.

As you may have heard, we recently launched our Dynamic Campaigns feature that sends content based on your end-recipient (think internal communications versus externally facing sales emails). Cersei’s external signature is no-nonsense, just like her. No frills, no cool fonts, no quotes. All business. Cersei keeps her cards close to her chest, and doesn’t want anyone to think she has even an ounce of weakness.

Cersei’s internal signature reflects what only those closest to her know - underneath all of that toughness and hatred is a girly human that just loves wearing the color blue and braiding her beautiful blonde hair. It also shares a message she only wants those who work with her to know and needs the utmost surety the message remains internal (which is why she used Sigstr’s Dynamic Campaigns - shameless plug)


Create email signature example 1


Create email signature internal example

Sansa Stark

Sansa has been dealt the worst deck of cards. The worst. Unfortunately, Sansa hasn’t been known for fighting that deck of cards or showing any toughness or grit. Lest we not forget when this girl thought she was in love with Joffrey and even said “he was the only thing she ever wanted in her life.”

We didn’t see a glimpse into any hint of fire in Sansa until she finally bucked-up and fed Ramsay to his hounds. That hauntingly perfect speech followed by the Sansa-smirk-walk-away at the end of “The Battle of The Bastards” was the stuff of legends. Girl, finally. We have been waiting for this moment since Season 1 Episode 9 when your almost husband had your dad executed. Sansa is finally in a safer, much happier Winterfell.

Sansa’s up for a comeback, hence why we dubbed her “the Comeback Queen”. While Lady Lyanna Mormont (who we idolize, by the way) packed all of her support behind Jon Snow as the King in the North, we can’t help but think Sansa’s up to something. She already pulled the sneakiest move ever when she enlisted the help of Littlefinger (yuck) to ride in and save Jon Snow and his wildling army. Flashback to season one when Sansa quips that a “trueborn will always have the stronger claim.” Hmm. Sansa’s email signature is a nod to this thought and what we can only assume to be her character development in the upcoming season.

Create email signature example 3 Sigstr

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is another Lannister who is both loved and loathed. Why? His quick wit, sarcasm, undying honesty and affinity for women and wine. Tyrion knows and accepts it. “That is what I do. I drink and I know things.”

He befriends some of the most putrid characters, i.e. Varys the Eunuch. Varys has betrayed nearly every character throughout the show. Let’s review where he left off: He was with Cersei and the little late King Tommen in King’s Landing. Then, Daenerys and Tyrion at the Great Pyramid, before deciding he needed to take off to Dorne. Cersei just brutally murdered Queen Margaery Tyrell and her brother Loras. So, we can only assume her grandmother is out for bloodAnd guess who Varys meets in Dorne? Grandma Tyrell. We can’t begin to imagine the horror they are cooking up. I digress.

Back to Tyrion. He has been a key player since we first met him. Season 7 is going to be a great season for Tyrion (I think). We ended last season with Tyrion tearfully accepting Daenerys’ request that he become right hand to the Queen, her most trusted advisor. Tyrion has gained the trust of the lady with hundreds of ships, thousands of notoriously dangerous warriors and three gigantic, blood-thirsty dragons. Safe to say he’s on the right side of this, less can be said for his brilliantly evil sister. His new title, paired with his unabashed passion for wine, made his email signature all too easy to create.

Create email signature Sigstr 4

Brienne of Tarth

We are just going to come right out and say it: Brienne is a badass. This cannot be denied. She faced the Hound, arguably the greatest and most intimidating warrior in the Seven Kingdoms, and walked away smiling. How?! Brienne is unwavering in her loyalty to whomever she serves.

She may be best known for her size and strength, but I can’t ignore her dedication to honor. She has sworn service to countless fallen leaders throughout the series until she eventually falls into oath to protect Sansa. I'm hoping this is going to be a much longer term of service than those prior for Miss Brienne.

Winterfell is already treating her well. This is where she meets Tormund Giantsbane, the red bearded wildling. Brienne has, for her entire life, dealt with men sneering at her, mocking her size and disposition. When Brienne first rides through the gates at Winterfell though, Tormund can’t stop staring.

Brienne is a badass

Brienne’s absolutely not used to the attention, so I’m anxious to see how this silent and slightly-awkward love story unfolds. You can’t deny there’s some sort of romantic tension between Brienne and Jaime Lannister. Brienne has an obvious crush on the Kingslayer. Now we’re left to figure out if Jaime feels the same. He certainly cares about here. Maybe we’ll see an all-out brawl between Tormund and Jaime for her heart? We can only hope. Brienne’s email signature is a not to her devotion to all-things honorable – and her crush on the best looking dude in the show.

Create email signature 5 Sigstr blog

Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund is my absolute favorite addition to the show. We first met Tormund in the third season and he’s been an unpredictable spitfire ever since. We have gone from being extremely wary of him, to being downright scared of him, to adoring him. He's a wildly effective and dangerous warrior, while also being a total goof and adorably uncomfortable flirter.

At this point, Tormund is a trusted ally and friend to Jon Snow. But let’s rewind a bit to the days we were still wary of him. When Tormund and his wildling warband catch wind the men of the Night’s Watch betrayed Snow and brutally murdered him, they attacked Castle Black. More proof Tormund is now a loyal friend to Jon.

Tormund’s loyalty doesn’t end there. His performance at the Battle of the Bastards was mind-blowingly awesome. He BITES Lord Smalljon’s THROAT OUT. Tormund has somehow found himself as the Right Hand to the King in the North. I don’t think he's totally realized what he has gotten himself into.

His email signature reflects the unsurety that exists in how he is going to deal with this new development. Remember, in the Great Hall when Jon is proclaimed the King in the North, Tormund is one of the only not to bend his knee and hail the King.

Create email signature Sigstr example 6

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