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Turn Every Email Sent into a Targeted Marketing Campaign

Whether you target 10 accounts or thousands, Sigstr puts dynamic and personalized campaigns in front of the right accounts, no matter who's sending the email.

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Whether you target 10 accounts or thousands, Sigstr puts dynamic and personalized campaigns in front of the right accounts, no matter who's sending the email.

The world's best event marketers use Sigstr to increase registrations and promote field events, tradeshows, webinars, and more with each email their employees send.

Align your campaigns to every step of your buyer’s journey. Leverage your email signature as a key touchpoint to drive opportunities through the sales funnel.

Employee engagement affects every team member inside your organization. Serve targeted campaign banners to your internal teammates to promote company initiatives.

Email Signatures for Success

Sigstr's Email Signature Marketing app dynamically inserts targeted 1:1 ads in the email signature section of every email your employees send.

Unlike traditional mass email marketing, employee email provides you with millions of impressions to your most engaged audience.

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Endless Opportunities

Marketing tactics change, but email will never die.

With Sigstr’s dynamic campaigns — placed seamlessly into every outgoing & internal email signature — it’s simple to deliver your most important messages in an authentic and personalized way.

Sigstr automatically inserts dynamic campaigns into every email, giving marketers endless opportunities to promote their most important messages to their most engaged audiences.

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The Average Employee Spends 6.3 Hours Per Day in Their Inbox – Why Aren’t You Putting Your Brand In There?


Advanced Targeting

Sigstr allows you to to make millions of emails highly targeted and personalized, driving audience engagement through the roof.

Sigstr’s campaign targeting delivers the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.

Whether you’re trying to increase event registrations, announce a company milestone, or promote your top content, you can be sure your message is cutting through the clutter.

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According to ITSMA, almost 85% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments.

There’s not an ABM program in the world that doesn’t use employee email.


Centralized Control

Easily manage your corporate email signature and employee data in Sigstr’s web application, built by marketers, for marketers.

Sigstr provides a suite of integration options to meet the needs of your business, marketing goals, and IT.

Change, rotate, target, and schedule marketing banners across your employees’ email signatures — instantly.

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Built for the Enterprise

With Sigstr’s enterprise workspaces, you can easily segment and manage your entire organization and multiple brands.

Employees can access Sigstr to manage their signature preferences through standard SAML 2.0 authentication.

Take advantage of robust integrations for employee & company data management to handle your organizational changes.

You can sleep safe knowing that Sigstr is a SOC compliant solution, and committed to helping customers maintain GDPR compliance.

Measure Everything

See who's engaging with your campaigns and how often. Understand the path an email recipient takes after clicking on a campaign. And most importantly, gain insight into how Sigstr affects your bottom line.

Get real-time notifications in your inbox anytime someone engages with one of your Sigstr Campaigns.

Gain insight into who is clicking on your campaigns and how often. Download full reports to analyze engagement levels over time.

Track how campaigns are performing in third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

Automatically push Sigstr activity to HubSpot, Marketo, or Salesforce. Watch what happens after email recipients clicks on your campaign.

Connect to Salesforce to see how much revenue Sigstr is helping you source, influence and close.

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