Trusted to distribute content through employee email

In 6 months, we had over 2M displays and drove more visits to the landing page than any other marketing activity.

Lesley Spellmeyer

Director of Marketing, Angie's List

Built for the Enterprise

Sigstr is committed to simplifying adoption and ensuring ongoing value from our solution by offering Assurance Services


Quickstart Implementation

Ensure a speedy and streamlined implementation


Design Services

Utilize our team to create a campaign just for you


New Group Implementations

Managed implementation of an additional department


Admin Training

One-on-one training sessions to learn the platform


Account Administration

Extend your team and skip the day-to-day tasks in the app

John Klein

Customer success isn’t just a part of our culture, it’s our foundation. We exist to make those who support us work smarter.

John Klein, VP, Customer Success

Power results in every email exchange

The average employee sends over 10,000 emails a year. Be more efficient and help your team sell, teach, learn, earn and send smarter with our dynamic email signature marketing platform. What will your team do with Sigstr?

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