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What email platforms work with Sigstr?

Whether your team uses Office 365, Exchange, Gsuite, or any other corporate email service, Sigstr integrates seamlessly.

What CRMs and MAPs integrate with Sigstr?

Sigstr brings the power of authentic relationships to all of your favorite sales and marketing tools including HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce.

How much does Sigstr cost?

Sigstr pricing is a lot like buying a car: it just depends. We need to have a conversation  and work out what features and functions of Sigstr you need.

Is Sigstr GDPR compliant?

Sigstr is committed to GDPR  and we have chosen to adopt GDPR as a global standard for our Services.

Do you offer agency partnerships?

Yes! We work with agencies in a variety of different ways. Come discover how we can work with your agency!

How can you track success with Sigstr?

We provide analytics within our application, but with preset and customizable UTM parameters within the Sisgtr platform, you can also track success from Google Analytics. Sigstr metrics are also available with many of our platform integrations, such as HubSpot or Marketo.

Can you use Sigstr without a design team?

Absolutely. If your company doesn’t have an internal design team, Sigstr can provide design services as an additional service so you’ll always have eye-catching and dynamic campaigns. We also have relationships with lots of agencies who are Sigstr experts, in case you need an introduction.

Can you promote more than one campaign with Sigstr?

You betcha. Many of our customers are running hundreds of different targeted campaigns at once.

What if you’re not tech savvy?

When you invest in Sigstr you’re investing in a whole team! From implementation through campaign strategy, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you run your Sigstr platform. Also, support from Sigstr is never more than a click away!

Does Sigstr only deploy email banners?

In addition to standardizing and elevating your company’s email signatures, Sigstr also analyzes the email and calendar patterns of all your employees. This allows marketers to truly understand how sales is engaging target accounts or territories, creating tight alignment around a shared source of truth. Learn more about Sigstr Relationships.

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