Product Overview

Dynamically engage your audience in employee email

Features made for Marketers

Sigstr makes it easy to deliver personalized content to the right audience and drive conversions.

In-Depth Analytics

Get data around design, usage, absorption and activity

Dynamic Content

Dynamically target content for key accounts

Real-Time Updates

Make updates automatically, company-wide

Simple Integrations

Connect to Gmail or Outlook, SalesLoft, HubSpot

Custom Groups

Assign unique content for each department or team

Intuitive UX

Update, manage and optimize your campaigns in seconds

Get your content in front of more people

With Sigstr Campaigns

Tailor your content delivery on a human-to-human level with a clickable call-to-action that highlights your latest content.

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Use Sigstr on Every Device and Every Platform

With Sigstr Integrations

Leverage Sigstr with any communication channel, from any email client, on any device.

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Integrated with these services and more

1 out of every 8 clicks on a Sigstr campaign resulted in a new registrant for Rainmaker.

Kyle Porter

Chief Executive Officer, Salesloft

You control the message your brand sends

With Sigstr Signatures

With a simple installation and centralized control, every email sent from your employees will have an on-brand and consistent signature.

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Brands communicate better with Sigstr

Customers across every vertical trust Sigstr to deliver marketing results.

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