Sigstr turns every employee email into a marketing campaign. Use our dynamically targeted CTA banners to highlight events, promote content, and align your brand. Not sure what plan is right for your company? Scroll below to view a breakdown of features. Still have questions? Click below to request more information from a friendly SigStar.



Signatures for Growing Businesses

Basic Sigstr functionality for smaller teams


Email Signatures

Centralize employee email signatures


Account-Based Marketing

Target accounts based on company email domain


1:1 Marketing

Target contacts and integrate marketing automation platforms

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Departmental Signatures
Installation Method
Email Client Support
Email Signature Banners
Reporting & Analytics
Account-Level Targeting
Signature Integrations
Internal Employee Targeting
Campaign Click Notifications
1:1 Targeting
Recipient Lists
Advanced Analytics
Enterprise Workspaces
Salesforce Integration
Hubspot Integration
Marketo Integration


Gmail & Outlook Only


All Clients


All Clients


All Clients

Platform Services

Sigstr’s customer success team has helped hundreds of customers achieve success using Sigstr. Let us do the same (and more) for you too.


Employee Provisioning
Custom Signature Design
Initial Campaign Creation and Launch
Designated Customer Success Manager
Ongoing Installation and Support for New Users
48 hr Response Time on Support Requests
Quarterly Design Consultation and Campaign Creation (1 campaign per quarter)
Access to Monthly Sigstr Webinar Training Series


Employee Provisioning
Custom Signature Design
Initial Campaign Creation and Launch
Designated Customer Success Manager
Ongoing Installation & Support for New Users
24 hr Response Time on Support Requests
Monthly Design Consultation and Campaign Creation (1 campaign per month)
Custom Sigstr Admin Trainings on New Functionality
Bi-Annual Business Reviews
Avatar Support


Employee Provisioning
Custom Signature Design
Initial Campaign Creation and Launch
Designated Customer Success Manager
Full Account Administration and Ongoing Strategy Consultation
Unlimited Design Consultation and Campaign Creation
Same Day Priority Response Time on Support Requests
Quarterly Business Reviews with Sigstr Leadership
Avatar Support
Custom Install Support (non-productized third party applications)
Ask us about custom services packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to use more than 50 users?

You would be in good company– most of our customers have hundreds or thousands of users. Sigstr’s base pricing starts at up to 50 users and scales down on a per-user basis as you add more users. Contact us for a pricing quote to suit your number of users.

Is there an implementation fee?

Implementation is part of your ongoing services package. It’s not absolutely necessary to have Sigstr assist your implementation, but nearly all of our customers choose to take advantage of it.

Does this include services?

All services, including implementation and design, are priced separately.

Do you do monthly invoicing?

Unfortunately, no. All invoices are paid annually up front.

Is my customer data safe?

Security is a core tenant to the Sigstr value proposition and a top priority when handling our customers’ sensitive data. The best place to learn about this in detail is by reaching out to our team!

Do I have to add all of my employees?

Nope. Add a cohort, a department, a single geographical location, or a subset of your employees to brand and promote your targeted marketing content.

Is it an annual commitment?

Yes. Sigstr contracts are billed annually by default. We’ve found that customers who can commit to a full year of using Sigstr will create a more successful content distribution strategy in the long run. And your long-term success is our goal.

How long does it take to get started?

Implementing Sigstr requires four fast and easy steps: Build, Add, Test and Launch. Starting with build, our team will help you build your signature and content strategy. In the Add phase, we’ll work together to upload your information to the product. Testing is across all platforms and Launch pushes your content through our Google and Microsoft integrations.

How can we easily educate our customers? They’re busy. We’re busy. We just need to be simple and straightforward – and Sigstr lets us do that.

Keith Bateman

Digital Marketing Specialist, Canvas

Kevin Vanes

We've built a space for your content at the intersection of volume and relevance, by putting it in every organic email your employees send.

Kevin Vanes, VP, Sales

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