Leverage Direct Communication

Sigstr is the combination of a cohesive brand signature and an engaging campaign.


Individualized, employee-specific names and titles. Centrally controlled branding, content, and information.


A clickable call-to-action that highlights the latest marketing content or internal communication.

Example email signature and campaign banner

How Sigstr Works

Sigstr ensures that company branding is consistent, and the most relevant campaign is highlighted in every email sent.

Features Made for Marketers

Sigstr Integrations

Sigstr has a variety of integrations available for Microsoft and Google. Push Sigstr to all employees, or have each employee run a one-time Install. Don't stop there! Consider Sigstr for any tool you use to send email:

  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Tools
  • Customer Support Tools
  • Sales Productivity Tools

Sigstr Services

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