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Relationship Insights to Build Your Business

By analyzing the email and calendar patterns of all your employees, Sigstr identifies and quantifies the entire universe of relationships that your employees have. Sigstr gives marketers true insight into the quality of relationships and engagement within target accounts, locations, or customizable segments.

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All Your Company's Relationships at a Glance

With Sigstr's relationship intelligence, it's now possible to see all the relationships your coworkers have with a specific company or contact and learn how those relationships have improved or degraded over time.

Using this data, it's easy to understand the strength of those relationships and create warm introductions through the people you both trust.

87% of the world's best sales and marketing people believe that relationships are critical to their revenue success.

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Insights for Every Stage of Your Account-Based Strategy

Sigstr Relationships allows you to scale your account-based marketing and sales initiatives and keeps the levels of engagement with the contacts inside those accounts front and center.

View and sort all of the accounts your company deals with, or segment them into the groups that matter most to your company. Use your relationship scores to help segment leads or to influence your target account selection framework.

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Meet Contacts Where They Are

Sigstr's location intelligence accurately informs sales and marketing teams where their most important contacts actually are located to help them align on outreach, field events, and territory planning.

Build location lists on accurate data, make travel more productive by meeting with the right people and understand the aggregate strength of your company's relationships.

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