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Sigstr Powers Award-Winning ABM Programs

Every ABM program in the world uses email. The most admired and award-winning ABM programs in the world use Sigstr. From cold outreach to contract renewal, Sigstr intelligently targets accounts throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

100% Targeting Accuracy

Sigstr ads are targeted based on a recipient’s email address so you can deliver the most relevant content every time.

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Target Thousands of Accounts Simultaneously

The current record for most simultaneous account-specific Sigstr campaigns is 750 (break the record and we’ll send you a Sigstr swag bomb).

Progressive Targeting

Opportunity-stage targeting is built right into Sigstr so you can deliver the perfect content for every stage of your funnel.

Optimize Your ABM

Manage All Those Accounts Easily

We know how tough the ops part of ABM is. That’s why we made it so easy to manage hundreds of account-specific campaigns in bulk.

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Revenue Analytics

Are you using Salesforce? We can show you how much revenue every Sigstr campaign is sourcing, influencing, and closing for you.

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Deep Account Insights

Sigstr’s analytics suite paints the full picture of your account engagement. Every relationship your team has created is mapped and quantified, giving you engagement metrics based on real human interaction.

Amp Your Outbound

Personalization drives engagement ⁠— period. When you arm your outbound team with personalized Sigstr campaigns, brands take notice.

Stacks on Stacks on (Tech) Stacks

Sigstr introduces millions of new datapoints, clicks, and impressions to your MAP and techstack.

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