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Signatures for Your Whole Company

Turn every email your employees send into a marketing campaign. Do things like...

Distribute content to your most accessible audiences.

Maintain brand consistency.

Automate targeted promotions.

Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party platforms.

Track engagement and ROI.

Pulse for Your Whole Company

Gain insights into your company’s relationships to drive better engagement. Do things like...

Make travel more productive.

Generate pre-event invite lists.

Understand relationships inside target accounts.

Ensure marketing and sales alignment.

Request warm introductions to key accounts or contacts.

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Every business in the world uses employee email. Not only is employee email the highest volume B2B marketing channel, it’s also the most authentic. Sigstr turns your company’s email into a marketing channel and relationship intelligence tool that drive your business forward.

We started using Sigstr for brand consistency across every email sent out by our employees. Then we quickly realized that it provides the ability to cross-sell our products within every single employee email.

Britani Kamholtz, Community Relations & Engagement Manager
Herff Jones

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