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Give Your Content the Love It Deserves

That new video you made is absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t it be nice to put it in front of thousands or millions of viewers automatically? Sigstr turns every email your employees send into a targeted channel to promote your best content.

Ad Campaigns For Everything

It doesn’t make sense to run a paid media campaign for everything you publish. Sigstr gives you unlimited impressions to make sure your most important audiences see everything you publish.

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Keep it Fresh

Sigstr is open-time content, meaning whatever content you’re promoting is what’s currently showing – even in emails sent years ago.

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Special Delivery!

Sigstr lets you target your content promotion by industry, persona, stage, or pretty much any other segment you can build in your CRM or MAP. People love the feeling of getting content that’s personalized for them.

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Breathe New Life Into Old Content

65% of B2B content goes unseen. Sigstr keeps the dust from collecting on your content by giving you a constant channel for promotion.

Your New Content Mixtape

Use our multi-banner campaigns to rotate between several different content campaigns at once and turn every email into a surprise.

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