Sigstr for Event Marketers

With Sigstr, you can be sure you’re targeting the right people for each of your upcoming events and that your most important VIPs will always be on the guestlist. Track event follow-up and know when opportunities may go closed won.

Signatures for Event Marketers

Make sure your most important customers and prospects are always on the guest list.

Promote upcoming events in every sent email.

Drive registrations from top customers and prospects.

Automate pre-event and post-event promotions.

Relationships for Event Marketers

With a view into your company's closest contacts, optimize the relationships that make your events successful.

Generate pre-event invite lists.

Ensure post-event follow-up by your sales team.

Track event ROI accurately every time.

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Sigstr's relationship intelligence allows your team to search any city and instantly get a list of your company’s closest contacts nearby. Armed with a list of potential attendees, use employee email marketing to promote your events within the billions of organic conversations that are already happening, aka employee email.

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We used Sigstr to help promote our 2017 Call Intelligence Summit. The event yielded a 477% increase in pipeline generation over the previous year. We were thrilled!

Jennifer Rios, Senior Manager of Demand Generation

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