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Sigstr Gets the Party Started

We’ve all received that email from Marketing asking us to promote an upcoming event. Sigstr accelerates your event promotion with automatic geo-targeting, progressive campaigns, and even list building, without anyone needing to lift a finger.

Pump Up the Volume

Your coworkers are sending hundreds of emails to your audience every day. With Sigstr in their emails, you turn them into your biggest promoters.

See it in Action

A Field Marketer’s Dream: Part I

Sigstr’s analytics suite can list everyone your company knows in a particular region – even if they're not in your CRM.

A Field Marketer’s Dream: Part II

Sigstr makes it easy to target specific cities or zip codes, so only the right people get your field event invitations.

Ready to See How?

3… 2… 1… Showtime

Use the Sigstr scheduler, or one of our integrations, to intelligently countdown the days until your event. Perfect for promoting early-birds and driving anticipation to your big day.

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Inspiration Starts Here

Before, During, and After Event Promotion

Sigstr can recognize who has and hasn’t yet registered for your event, so you can get attendees ready while you’re getting everyone else signed up.

Ensure Your Team Is Following Up

Sigstr makes it easy to see who was at your event and whether or not there's been follow-up.

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